Barrick Corporation

In September 2001, Barrick Properties Inc. and its general counsel at the time, Stephen A. Crystal, came together to form Barrick Corporation for the purpose of purchasing hotels and casinos. Crystal and Barrick had enjoyed several years as a working team, with Crystal being the general counsel to the Barrick family.

Barrick and Crystal extended past their existing working relationship to become partners in Barrick Corporation and begin the purchase of six hotel/casinos in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. The purchase was the first of its kind, insofar as buying so many properties and converting the ownership within a 12-hour period after approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Through its subsidiaries, the company bought out the legendary and long-time gamer Jackie Gaughan. With the exception of one hotel, the sale included all of the hotels, motels, casinos and approximately 37 acres of land owned by Gaughan in the downtown Las Vegas Township. The deal took eight months to negotiate and included 1,904 employees along with 1,850 hotel rooms. The option to buy Mr. Gaughan’s remaining property, The El Cortez, was also included in the purchase.

Barrick sold its interest in downtown in December 2005. Shortly thereafter, Barrick purchased Crystal's interest in Barrick Corporation, as well.

Today Barrick Corporation, through its ownership in different companies, is involved in the acquisition of additional gaming properties in several states and countries.

“Some exciting things are just around the corner for Barrick Corporation in the gaming world,” said CEO D.W. Barrick at a recent Las Vegas meeting and gathering of gaming owners. “Just stay tuned.”