D.W. Barrick photoD. W. Barrick

Chairman of the Board
Barrick Properties Inc.

D.W. Barrick was born in Oxnard, California on May 10, 1946 to his parents H. Wayne Barrick and Lorraine Brown Barrick. Elementary school and two years of high school were spent in northern California before moving to the mountainous southeastern region of Oklahoma to finish high school, while living on the family ranch. At Southeastern State University in Durant, Oklahoma, Barrick attended his first two years of college before transferring to Central State University in Edmond Oklahoma. He left Central State in his junior year to take a position with a financial institution as a securities broker, loan officer and insurance provider before entering a full-time banking position.

In May of 1966, D.W. married Freda A. Cox of Summerfield, Oklahoma, while they both attended college in Durant, Oklahoma. They enjoyed the birth of their son, Monte W. Barrick, in January of 1971 in Oklahoma City. Monte has since provided them with three grandsons, Christian Mark, Alexander Wayne, and David William, all of whom live in the Phoenix Valley of Arizona.

Although Barrick is a native of California, he spent 27 years in Oklahoma, where he met his wife; Oklahoma being the birth place of his mother and home to his maternal grandparents, D.W. declares Oklahoma his adoptive state. The Barrick heritage stems for several generations in the neighboring state of Arkansas, where many family members currently reside.

D.W. Barrick proudly served six years in the United States Army Reserve from 1966 until 1972.

D.W. Barrick currently serves as Chairman of the Board for Barrick Properties Inc., a Nevada company, which is a wholly owned entity of the Barrick Family. D.W. has held this position since 1990, where he served as President from 1978 through 1989 while guiding the Company through its transition from banking, mining, ranching, oil, equine breeding and racing into the world of Gaming, including its Nevada hotel and casino operations.

From 1990 until 2012, D.W. was also CEO of Barrick Properties Inc. A major portion of his effort was in managing all of the Nevada operations, which not only included the Hotel Casino facet but its entire Nevada interest in real estate and related companies. During this period the Barrick organizations were, among other things, the largest fee simple land owners in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Barrick family still maintains a residence in Nevada and continues to invest in and explore for local and state-wide opportunities. Barrick is currently involved in the ownership and operations of seven Nevada companies and divides his time between Las Vegas, Nevada and Scottsdale, Arizona.

While he was heading the Barrick family business, D.W. was involved with the start-up of Casino Magic, the first land-based dockside hotel casino located in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. D.W. later spearheaded the Company into a joint venture partner with Station Casinos in Kansas City, Missouri, building a $500 million dollar riverboat casino and hotel. Mr. Barrick served as CEO and Chairman of Barrick Gaming Corporation, a subsidiary of Barrick Corporation while it owned and operated six hotel casinos in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, in addition to approximately 37 acres of retail and commercial real estate development.

In addition, since 2005 D.W. has held the position of CEO and Chairman of the Board of Managers for The Alan Wayne Company, LLC, a Nevada company with Barrick Properties Inc. ownership. The Alan Wayne Company is primarily involved in Native American gaming and real estate development in several states.

For almost 30 years, Barrick has resided in the Phoenix Valley of Arizona with Freda, his wife of 50 years. Freda also enjoys a very active role in the family business. D.W. continues to guide and oversee the operations and day to day business of the parent company for the family while staying involved in the family's investments.