Freda Cox Barrick photoFreda A. Cox Barrick

Vice President
Barrick Properties Inc.

Freda A. Cox Barrick was born April 30, 1946 to Irish and Native American parents John C. Cox and Ora White Cox. She was born in the home located in the farm and ranching community of Summerfield, Oklahoma. Freda attended elementary school at Spiro, Oklahoma and high school at Leflore, Oklahoma. Following in her older brother’s footsteps, she completed her first two years of college at Southeastern State University located in Durant, Oklahoma, transferring to Central State University, Edmond, Oklahoma to earn her bachelors degree in Elementary Education. Freda began her career as an elementary teacher, as well as establishing her role as a community organizer and holding positions in an international women’s organization.

Following her second year of college at Durant, Oklahoma, Freda married D. W. Barrick in May 1966. She and D. W. made their home complete in 1971 with the birth of their son, Monte. The Barrick family called Oklahoma their home for several years prior to coming to the Phoenix Valley.

Freda is proud of her family heritage which is embedded deep in the roots of America. She is a registered member of the Choctaw tribe of Oklahoma. Her Native American roots are rich with history, as her maternal grandfather has been listed in several historical publications and Freda’s mother was among the first enrollees in the Choctaw tribe of Oklahoma prior to statehood. Members of Freda’s family have been serving actively as Tribal council members for several decades. Her Irish roots also have a historical claim, since her paternal grandfather served in the Civil War and her father with Teddy Roosevelt during the Spanish American War.

Freda served as an educator from 1968 to 1990. Following a career change, she joined the Indian Health Service and accepted a position as a team member, establishing a youth drug treatment center serving Native American children from the states of Utah, Nevada, California and Arizona.

Currently, Freda is actively involved in the daily business of the Barrick Family of Companies, holding the position of Vice President of Barrick Properties Inc., as well as a Member of the Board.