Monte Barrick photoMonte W. Barrick

Barrick Properties Inc.

Monte W. Barrick, a native Oklahoman, was born January 21, 1971 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to his parents D.W. Barrick and Freda Cox Barrick. Monte is married to Candace Peterson Barrick and has three sons. Having completed his educational background in Oklahoma, Monte pursued to develop his career opportunities in Arizona.

Prior to rejoining the Family Companies in full capacity, in 2011, Monte served as Director of Purchasing for a vitamin company, while simultaneously overseeing the Family's investment into Pet Supplements that was directly tied to the local vitamin company, by way of manufacturing.

Monte currently serves Barrick as President of its parent, Barrick Properties Inc.  He was promoted from Vice President in 2014 as he became more accomplished in the Family's Nevada and Arizona operations.  Prior to this, he was actively involved with Barrick's development and creation of the Kansas City Stations Hotel Casino which was given merit as being the fourth-largest casino in the world at the time of completion. He devoted a tireless effort to the passing of the referendum for legalizing riverboat gaming in the state of Missouri. As President, Monte has accepted the overseeing of each
and every involvement of Barrick, and more specifically a day to day interest in the Mortgage company and Barrick's outside lending efforts at making and placing loans.

Monte works enthusiastically with Barrick's partners in the development and construction of hotels and casinos, along with senior living projects. With the family maintaining a Nevada residence and offices in Las Vegas in order to be attentive to in the seven current Nevada companies of which Barrick holds ownership, he divides his time between Nevada and Arizona.

Coming from a rich Native American heritage, Monte and his sons are registered members of the Choctaw tribe of Oklahoma. Being a proud father of three sons, Christian Mark, Alexander Wayne, and David William, he instills the importance of family history to be cultivated in their life development. Monte and Candace are very involved in the daily lives of their three boys and their extracurricular activities, as well as local community projects.