The corporate entities set out below represent a portion of the companies of which BARRICK enjoys some ownership interest, but BARRICK may choose not to be engaged in the management or the operations of every entity. The management of BARRICK believes strongly in its partners and has confidence in their ability to successfully take a leadership role in the day-to-day business operations of certain companies. The opportunity to be a minor and passive investor in some entities that may have great leadership ability is welcomed by BARRICK.


Barrick Properties logo
Barrick Properties LLC
Barrick Properties LLC has a focus on
commercial and residential real estate.

Hestia Home Loans LLC
Hestia Home Loans LLC
Mortgage broker. In the state of Arizona, Hestia does business as Advanced Capital Mortgage.

Barrick Corporation logo
Barrick Corporation
Barrick Corporation was founded in 2001 as a conduit for hotel and casino acquisitions.


Has been redesigned for the purpose of buying, selling and maintaining aircraft.

Tallrick Partners logo
Leading Barrick through the 21st Century.
K-Bar Productions logo
K-Bar Productions LLC
K-Bar Productions is an
oil and gas related company.