K-Bar Productions LLC

K-Bar Productions LLC is engaged in several facets of the oil & gas industry. K-Bar is Scottsdale, Arizona based, privately held, and is an independent actively engaged in production, development, and acquisition of oil & gas properties throughout several states in the USA.

K-Bar looks for and accumulates ownership in mineral rights and royalty interests in the US.

Exporting and importing petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel fuels, and transformer oils is a major focus of K-Bar ownership.

The principles of K-Bar Productions LLC entered into the oil and gas industry in 1969 by purchasing two long-time producing wells located in southern Oklahoma. That purchase evolved into the creation of an independent production company of more than 70 wells with total production of over 850 bpd by the late 1970s. In addition, the ownership ventured into more energy related areas with the creation of a roustabout company, which included a specific contract to refurbish all of the reusable equipment for a major tool supplier which supplied the “North Sea” oil fields.

At the same time, the principles were involved in a particular project with the installation of over 300 miles of gas collection pipeline that stretched from northern Texas into the Oklahoma panhandle. To further increase its production, the principles invested, through partnerships,  into drilling by way of ownership of rigs and leases. A portion of these leases and production wells are still maintained within the company to date.

The BARRICK family has enjoyed the rise and fall of the industry for over 50 years, and although it has been touched by both growth and decline, it has managed to always maintain a profile in oil and gas related businesses.

Ranging from mineral ownership,  production, pipeline construction, leasing,  wildcat drilling and most recently brokering of fuels, BARRICK has created a space of involvement in several aspects of the oil and gas industry.

In 2009, after purchasing a portion of an existing and separate longtime family partnership, BARRICK assembled all of its oil and gas related ownership under the name of K-Bar Productions LLC, a family owned Nevada Limited Liability Company. K-Bar enjoys production in several states throughout the US.

With a desire to take advantage of all its relationships and after toying with the prospects, in 2016 K-Bar entered into a full-time position of brokering fuels between suppliers and end users, both abroad and within the US. A scope of different fuels is currently handled by K-Bar and its qualified personnel while maintaining relationships with several refineries and well-known exit buyers.

K-Bar maintains an experienced leadership team that possesses the management procurement necessary to facilitate contracts with efficiency, reliability and responsibly.Heading the team as Director of Marketing, is JT (Jim) Bounds. Mr. Bounds brings a combination of lengthy experience and strong efficient management skills to the business of brokering sales of fuel.

Both D.W. Barrick and Monte Barrick are involved in the day-to-day management of the Company

K-Bar plays a major a role in marketing needed product around the world while establishing a competitive advantage for its clientele. As part of its function and with professional expertise and financial capability K-Bar can help provide the necessary services to assist in supplying fuel both internationally and domestically. K-Bar specializes in SPOT as well as term contracts. K-Bar and its management pride itself with being able to share with its cliental, a complete understanding of purpose and needs.

Inquiries should be directed to dwbarrick@barrickcompanies.com and/or mwbarrick@barrickcompanies.com, or call our office at 480-473-0120.